Adaptable Necklace

Abaptable Necklaces are designed so that a handmade chain can be used with different central units  and can therefore  be worn for special occaisons or more casual wear. In sample 4101 the links are also adaptable. The colouring of the central units can also be different to suit the wardrobe or the mood. 

4101 set - 4 options - 3 units on a Silver & Gold chain - 2 extra links in Niobium, Silver & Gold to fit with the main unit.
4101 - Niobium, Silver, Gold & Swiss Blue Topaz Necklace - on Silver & Gold Chain
4104a - Silver, Gold & Opal Necklace -on Silver & Gold Chain
4101b - Niobium, Silver & Gold Necklace - on Silver & Gold Chain.
3789 - Niobium, Silver, Gold, Swiss Blue Topaz & Diamond Necklace, 3789a Niobium & Silver Neck Unit.
3543 - Niobium,Silver, Gold, Amethyst & Diamond Necklace, 3543a - Niobium & Silver Neck Unit