Brian Eburah

Brooklands and Hyde Hall over, Winchester and Wisley ahead

What a cracking summer. 

I thought that it was about time that I did some catching up!!

Just got back from Brooklands and Hyde Hall shows where it was good to meet up with a good mixture of old and new faces. " Old " as in met before! I attach a couple of images showing new designs from the summer of 2018.Designs and pieces made from studies taken from Swallow detail and a new set of designs that will hopefully be on show for the first time at Winchester and Wisley. No title to these yet.

I hope that you have all summered well and hopefully there is still a bit more to enjoy. 

New designs, hopefully on show at Winchester and Wisley

Wisley time again

Two pairs of Earrings, a Brooch, a Locket and a Box with Pendant Lid and secret colouring inside.

Heading down Wisley way this week with sunshine and warmth promised. Hope to meet up with some new and some more familiar faces. I am in Tent B this year, Stand 53 which is at the bottom end of the garden near the Glasshouse.Do drop by and say hello and I add an image of a selection of new pieces as a little taster. Best Wishes Brian

A selection of Niobium Pendant and Earrings with Silver and Gold details.

What does 2018 have in store?

I can confirm the shows for this year:-

Kensington Town Hall - 2nd - 4th March

RHS Wisley - 3rd - 7th May

Brooklands Museum - 17th - 19th August

RHS Hyde Hall - 24th - 27th August

Winchester - 2nd - 4th November

RHS Wisley - 21st - 25th November

As you can see we are back at Wisley next November when we thought that we were to be moved elsewhere.

All details of the shows can be found on

I am now just about up to date with the orders from Winchester and Wisley and am now starting some new pieces for Kensington in early March.

I have been working on interchangeable necklaces which will allow a piece to be worn at different levels, from a nice day to day chain up to special events. 

I will try to update prior to Kensington with a small selection of some of the new pieces to be shown at the show.

I hope 2018 is treating you well so far.

Best Wishes Brian


3790 - Necklace part 1 - Niobium, Silver, Gold and London Blue Topaz
3790a - Necklace part 2 - Niobium, Silver and Gold
3790b - Necklace part 3 - Silver, Gold and Opal

A very belated update. I am preparing now for Five shows building up to the festive season:-

Hyde Hall, Essex, 25 - 28th Aug,

Salisbury Cathedral, 8th & 9th Sept,

Crowthorne, Berkshire, 27 - 29th Oct

Winchester, 17 - 19th Nov,

Wisley, 22 - 26th Nov,

I hope that I may catch up with some of you at these shows and attach a few images of some new art works and jewellery items. I haven't decided on any new titles for these pieces yet.

Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes for 2017

I hope that you are all geared up and ready for the festivities.

Time for a quick breather before I decide on a few new or even redevelop and upgrade some previous ideas to show off at Chelsea in early March.

Wishing you all a joyful time with a few moments of relaxation.

Rainbow bracelet created for a customer from the show at Wisley. This shows the full spectrum of colours apart from the bronze colours at the lower end.

Many Apologies for the lack of action on this site- due to my inability to log in.

Time for an update. I attach some new ranges - not sure of their style titles yet - but I will be showing these for the first time at Winchester and Wisley. This Summer has seen shows at Henley, Wisley, Hyde Hall and Salisbury where old and new faces were seen. I will update the new styles into the site shortly and ,who knows, it might be time for a new competition.

3401 - Niobium, Silver and Gold Brooch; 3403 - Niobium, Silver and Gold Earrings.
3402 - Niobium, Silver, Gold and Pink Tourmaline Necklace; 3404 - Niobium, Silver and Gold Earrings.
3399 - Niobium, Silver, Gold and London Blue Topaz Brooch; 3400 - Niobium, Silver and Gold Earrings.