Brian Eburah

SALSA - 4095 - Niobium, Silver, Gold & Diamond Brooch. 4096 - Niobium & Silver Earrings.
TANGO - 4105 - Niobium, Silver Gold & Fire Opal Pendant

Belated Happy NewYear to all - and I hope that you are enjoying a bit of February summer. Still reckon the daffs will get a bit of a shock in the next few weeks.

Chelsea looms - 8th - 10th March.

I returned from migration soon after the start of the year and pondered if I have new ideas in store or do I revamp some past styles? After sharpening my pencils and with the help of a small whiskey - Welsh of course - the grey matter moved the lead across the paper and the new stlye arrived. "Dance"! At the moment I am heading down the South American route and am looking at Aztec patterns for the colouring. I started with Salsa and Tango and am now toying with Paso. I attach a couple of images of my first efforts and look forward to showing a small selection for the first time next week.

Please let me know your thoughts especially if you can make it to Chelsea next week.

Best Wishes, Brian

Brooklands and Hyde Hall over, Winchester and Wisley ahead

What a cracking summer. 

I thought that it was about time that I did some catching up!!

Just got back from Brooklands and Hyde Hall shows where it was good to meet up with a good mixture of old and new faces. " Old " as in met before! I attach a couple of images showing new designs from the summer of 2018.Designs and pieces made from studies taken from Swallow detail and a new set of designs that will hopefully be on show for the first time at Winchester and Wisley. No title to these yet.

I hope that you have all summered well and hopefully there is still a bit more to enjoy. 

New designs, hopefully on show at Winchester and Wisley